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26. 7.
Das Sommerkino

Greetings from Fukushima
Grüße aus Fukushima

Drama, DEU, 2016, 104 min, different / CZ subtit.
Režie: Doris Dörrie
Hrají: Kaori Momoi, Rosalie Thomass, Aja Irizuki
Following a botched love story, Marie, a young German, lands in Fukushima, determined to change her life. But it is easier said than done. Marie indeed has difficulty in adapting not only to Japanese life but even more so to life in a martyred city. She ends up finding refuge with old Satomi, the last living geisha in town. The young woman even follows her to the house she was born in regardless of the fact that it lies within the forbidden contaminated zone. The cohabitation between the two women proves anything but easy, different as they are from each other. But little by little true friendship develops between them.