Wed, 21:00
29. 8.

The Ear + photo exhibition “Reconstruction”

Drama, Thriller , CZE, 1970, 91 min, CZ
Režie: Karel Kachyňa
Hrají: Radoslav Brzobohatý, Jiřina Bohdalová, Jiří Císler, Miloslav Holub, Jaroslav Moučka
The film by Jan Procházka and Karel Kachyně from 1970 belonged to those forbidden titles, which were at the bottom of the imaginary vault. Firstly, because the name of the writer Jan Procházka could not be publicly pronounced, partly because the movie, with a surprising time, surprisingly kept getting updated. Information for the exhibition: Reconstruction of home-made posters by Czechoslovak citizens expressing disagreement with the Russian occupation and their subsequent embossing in the streets.