Thu, 21:00
16. 8.

The Tugendhat House
Haus Tugendhat

Documentary, DEU, 2013, 117 min, DE / CZ subtit.
Režie: Dieter Reifarth
Hrají: Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat, Ruth Guggenheim-Tugendhat, Ernst Tugendhat
The Architecture Film Festival of Rotterdam has collected an interesting catalogue of architecture-related films. Among them, there are some remarkable documentaries as "Haus Tugendhat", a film on the restoration of the famous Mies' house. Outstanding images that totally worth it. How do you deal with masterpieces that have fallen into disuse? Do you leave the traces of time visible when renovating or restoring such works or do you endeavour to restore everything as it was once intended? The film tells the story of the difficult struggle in the twenty-first century of the Tugendhat heirs to give this cadavre exquis, designed by Mies van der Rohe, a new lease of life. It resulted in the building as Mies once intended it, but is everyone pleased with this?
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