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A Fantastic Woman
Una Mujer Fantástica

Drama, CHL / USA / DEU / ESP, 2017, 104 min, ES / CZ subtit.
Režie: Sebastián Lelio
Hrají: Daniela Vega, Aline Küppenheim, Amparo Noguera, Francisco Reyes
Somewhere in Santiago at a dimly-lit nightclub, Orlando, the kindly and well-off owner of a textile company, locks eyes with Marina, a hopeful singer and the roughly half-his-age love of his life. But, unfortunately, after Marina's birthday celebration and a night of passion, Orlando falls gravely ill--and by the following morning--he dies in hospital. In the wake of her companion's untimely death, Marina will soon realise that, from now on, everything is brought into question: her involvement in Orlando's death, their unconventional relationship; and above all, her right to mourn her beloved deceased. In the end, what was Marina's crime; a deed so hideous that would rob a fantastic woman of her respect, her dignity, and ultimately, her identity?
Přístupnost: 12+